Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Open Sensors: An Introduction

I've come to believe that one of the key areas where open science can contribute to political issues is in the area of sensor technologies and open hardware.  It's also a relatively accessible area to begin to gain practical knowledge in democratized scientific practice.  That is, a great way to get introduced to the Open Science Network and what a group like this is about.
This free workshop evening will be dedicated to learning a basic approach to creating your own sensors and the ideas that surround that.  We'll use the arduino technology to learn about the translation of real world analog information into computable digital formats.  We'll learn some code, a bit about hardware, and about the concepts that make this access possible.
This workshop will also serve as a beginner's intro to arduino technology and how to use the system.  Absolute beginners totally welcome.
1. A Laptop
2. An Arduino
3. Your Party Face
*Anyone is welcome, but to fully participate you should bring a laptop and arduino.  If you are new to arduinos, check out /  One local place to get them is here
[pics to come]