Friday, May 13, 2016

Preliminary Map for the Digestive Control Society

What Deleuze missed in his Postscript to the Control Society is the fact that everything is edible now, including and especially politics.  Control is a threat up until you can eat it, in which case it becomes subordinated as the working class - the digested proletariat.  The creates scarcity in the communities that have not been digested creating a sort of mystique around inedibility.  I have the latest Prado bag - big deal, I am inedible.

Digestive Control creates a solar-anal imperative to excessive amounts of waste production and photosynthetic absorption.  Eat as much as you can and shit as much as you can.  Thus the greatest horror for the Post-Control Society is to run out of food.  Once you have nothing left to eat, you no longer produce proletariat, and no one can do work any longer.

The world of things presents a world that Digestive Ontology fails to recognize as real.  If you are not real, you have no voice: hence the current crisis and complete absence of robot rights.  While digestive governance demands an imperative inedibility, exactly the opposite is true of the robot class - complete and utter commitment to becoming food.  What's that you say - you cannot become food if you were never alive, that death is a precondition of political rights in the world of meals - that rocks have never made a good breakfast and never deserved any rights anyway.  This is the myth of the eaten - that only I can be digested and no one else.  The truth of the matter is we need to expand our notion of what can be devoured to the mechanisms of control itself.  I can eat the government - repeat after me.

Navigational Edibility is the act of discovering what space looks like after the digestive apocalypse.  No more terrain, sorry.  Just theatrical scenes of what you used to call friends and now society calls food.  This is your interface to the matrix.  Eat it.  Or don't!  Where to put your hands, where to rest your head, what is home when the apparatus you were programmed in never functions in the earth's atmosphere.

This is Post Terrain, navigational methodologies for a technological civilization made up entirely of food.