Friday, May 13, 2016

Post Terrain

computation integrated through objects, pulse rules in respiratory sequence

what is this thing - what does it do (where the environment meets a remade one meets a remade one meets a remade one)

life as a minimally electric mode of being - enough to power what is slight // inapproachable // alien computer newly styled

plug-and-play biopolitics

sculptural interaction meets code glitches contructed into environments - entropic sound, limited lifespams, non-dimensional spaces

the organismal becomes an inevitable space of reckoning for the technological - bringing the technologies into evolutionary space, what happens (bio art meets the oblique)

the science behind objects - the stories behind them - how much this doesn't matter

and then things are there, present, inscrutable

gonzo biology (the controller (screen, code) has no life but its deadness is entirely unsavoury)

sustainable interactors - grassroots comrades built of free-range laboratory elements

how do computers evolve - saturate them, glitch them, see how different they are - see how our phenomenology always wants to relate them to us - everything as us in whatever theatre > evolving from the beginning

flesh has nothing to do with computation and yet it is everywhere - flesh has everything to do with computation, creates all its mathematical abstractions
the flesh of plants (computation life cycle)

the relation of science to human - to relation of a world so overcreated that we don't know what it is anymore

organism mysteries - biopunk orpheus resurrected via electricity from the relationship which was a better fiction (a place for incomprehensible gestures)

it doesn't matter that animals live in different worlds from us - look, it looks like they're sad, or happy - mythologies that rewrite others' existences (murder to restart)

colours, shapes, sounds and hands

gamifying lives, or the biogovernmentality of technics

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