Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pores and Cross-Sections

whatever remains we need to account for what's in prisms or whether (once extinguished
you absence meant so much to me (clone jeer)
the crassist sextets and spindle succeed (fissionaries)

light split - peers into the other entity which hadn't registered anything by law

nothing is in order anymore - pieces are formed by joining together, who joins and when (who doesn't)
orders that form in relation to some ideas (sound, colour, personal progression, continuity of place, event recursion, the lack of all of these ever)

inaccurate until (remember how you thought i was alive still until acquiesce

listless submiss (let me know if there's anything you can do for me)

re-establish sections in a way that isn't limited by your dry and chapped skin, after the apocalypse the unmoisturized will be the first to go

think of all the fluids that leak out of you - it's totally normal, it's just capitalism demonstrating how power works without needing any kind of text because you know what life doesn't need texts

but leakage is generally unstoppable - pick whatever categorical ontology you like I guarantee leakage

fingernail imperatives (become someone else and then we can talk)

the cripple of swallow, smoked, ineligible

things come together and some of the story gets told but a lot of it doesn't (some of this a function of whatever, other aspects a function of the particular whatevers we've been dealing with more recently than the older whatevers)

calculous - probes and insurrections

hunger is a luxury reserved for the visualized

construction is done with tools passed down from generations of aliens that left some notes but then lost them in the ocean

there's either a lot of theory or almost none in the ocean

inanimate, blurting (whose never met any resurrected

last less flight wist