Thursday, May 19, 2016

Identity Protocols

Artists these days don't know how to express what they're doing.  They
don't know how to make it relatable to the public.  How do you expect
to be a good artist if you don't have an elevator pitch?  I'm so
embarrassed when I meet an artist that thinks they're serious and they
don't even have a slogan lol.  Who do you think you're fooling?
Anything that's worthwhile can be expressed in ten words or less.

The market brings back the possibility of clarity, honesty, of telling
things like they are - if you don't want to own it, what could it
possibly be worth?  The perfect product is invisible.  Invisible
products can be used anywhere and weigh nothing.  Ideas for the
inhuman generation that has yet to appear on camera.  That's right,
off the grid.  Untouchable and constantly revolting so whatever's in
power no one's capitulating.  In fact no one is doing anything.

Just don't do it.  Nike almost had it.  If your existence matters,
appearance is superfluous.  Picking the right brand shows that you
realize that arbitrarity - that you're in touch with it.  Words,
images, these mean nothing - so please pick the right ones.

Identity Protocols for the first London Yami-ichi