Friday, May 25, 2012

shrugging was in style

the irreparable invariance which
extricate <devian==
                      in chroma, styp

                                                                 it was heterogeny
         fawn            tox

beam cage sleek
                aeronautics is the science of
                     boom scowl morphemic
                            enactment radials

antiphon, godless stumble of the sleek
            bore a praxeological boon to
               pop frisk chain

                            at the hangover mart
                             at the tryptic              abrade

outlawed             rain concept parachute
               the escape is measured in neodymium commissions

commisions they have given me money to bear away the winds, the make a deal with the doorbell never ever to answer the door unless in a grecian thunderstorm
sidle tears assume

the shrugging, the simony
           the expansion which the excitable class sanctioned
wrong fathered of bale
                the wily nuclear (ritz divan
          oh the rag of the lyric
          the worn tines of the sand dunes as they spoke of love as scattered to mountains
          which taper away with gusts
          which affection is sediment and grain

detection syndrome blur  ((((((((((((((((((correction decked in play

jazz choral
vessels in blight