Monday, January 3, 2011

picking up from where it had left off, first the creature was bludgeoned
next the texts were etched in behind its left ear
reddened over the synthesizer

visualize the curves and the floodlights
quaking and soaking

bejewelled revitalized. define defense, even though you have that polariscope
and even though you've claimed to have inscribed a manuscript
into the temporal lobe of an indiscrimate beast

even though the visualization of curves
the following of floods and lights
the machiavellian crumpling of retrogression

even though this still inhabits your pleading
temporal redden

instead, the lights which hadn't simper unwit induct

surrapt proprios

the deception of definition lays worn and waste till clavicle

synthesis comes in garish hd at a hawaiian spa
full of broadcast riddles and the coloratura of businessman

induced affinity, plash worm anathema
the gauze of dusk and blinking