Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Einstein was right (ie. wrong), you can be in two places at once

As empirical acolyte Steve Connor shows, new groundbreaking work in science proves that "Einstein was right when he thought he was wrong", proving that he was right about what he thought wasn't right, and so was wrong about what he didn't think was right at all. What was he wrong (right) about? He was (in)correct regarding whether "you can be in two places at once" - Conner shows that he was in fact right (making him actually wrong) thanks to a new device with which - according to science writer Adrian Cho - they "still haven't achieved a two-places-at-once state". As Conner makes clear, Einstein never could have guessed that he would be right (wrong) that it would ever be possible to (not be able to) exist in two places at once, but time has shown that the opposite of what he didn't (not) think has actually turned out to be true (false). A perfect instance of science journalism.