Monday, September 13, 2010


Vasubandhu, the telomeric tripod, expressed himself by pulsing his dislike for video ports. His scaled arms recoiled in where, on the left, he was immediately connected with another tripod of his kind. Desire too connected to that appendage, and he expressed his motivation for seeking a system of frozen plains.

A cybernetic future entails the intricate complexity of finger bones. Like no other bones, the bones of the finger are interlaced with silica fibres which make them an especially potent conductor. So the tracks of the finger, the pattern-sought fingers of Vasubandhu which tapped to the succession of chemical suction in the tray meter. Pulsing, the desire which connected the appendage diced and reformulated on the tray, Vasu held it at arms length so as to avoid the smell.

- So I've discovered the form of negligence, he whispered. Arbuda. The blister. Feeling his feet, along the other side (a depth of sadness) was there the frozen plain, the mountains, nothing but an oblique foot. The foot, which means nothing.

Continually swept with blizzards. Looking up out into the night sky, the sky covered mostly with clouds, Vasu thought how he wanted to know where things were, to have a relation to the sky, to have a single hypothesis that made the sky and him together. Oh look, he thought, that succession of stars means this nonsense, which defers our bonding and allows me to run my finger across your cheek.

The tentative hand movements of the Orion constellation when, after having fought a hard losing battle in the wild, returned home to collapse into his chair, with all his sensor-appendages collapsing and recoiling inward. The sound of movement as his wife came to say hello and express regret at a day filled with unsatisfactory incidents and less-than-savoury things. Some moments, with the clouded sky outside, spent in close proximity while focussed on irrelevant moments and images broadcast from another bio-system miles away. Through electricity alone, he said to her.

She looked at him and down at her finger where a blister had continued to develop. Icy, the mountains, the plains they dipped into which were no warmer. It was said in her husband's treatise that in this land the naked abide, desiring only to be social and to derive respect yet geography could not be argued with. It could not be argued that the interactive force of denigration accelerated, and the desire for tenderness was nothing at all in comparison with the depths of brutality seeking to equilibrate itself through increases in order. Here the hand reaches upwards, sideways, some which way which in every way expressed the naked, expressed how its supernatant egressed.