Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Problem of Growth

Methods to Grow Plants in Your Lungs

Inside the germ-pod of the carboniferous structure there is a de-watered mini-me, which needs only moisture and its own stored nutrient (saccharides) to survive a bit in human dirt

slidte, revet, ufuldstændige, undersøgelse

Betsy: "The proper appreciation of Deleuze is not in his endless series of jargons, his pseudosciences, his self-recursive language of pure trend, but in his work as an important writer (and embodiment) of aesthetics. (Something similar might be said about Baudrillard, though he plumbs the language of poetry to its medial denial (not its Deleuzian proliferation) which allows it to give way to physicality, immediate symbology - bearing its spiritual idea to its root in Bataillean flesh))"

Plant: "Our religious formulations have shifted to mediated displacement, focussing on its figurations of sex, violence, and the miracle of an all-too otherwordly science of technique."

Betsy: "In converse relation to the intensity of basic experiences is the collectively rationalizable aspect of their results - yet it is always the role of the rational to realize its foundation in the empirical and to further accept its fallibility and incompleteness in what is a range of empirical data that resist final categorization, and do so increasingly as those experiences become more fundamental. The Euro-Christian synthesis that forms in neo-latinate medieval Europe, and which comes to inform our post-colonial new world of increasingly American forms of global structure and power, generally turns to deny these more taboo-ridden realms of grotesque materialism to a less-privileged epistemological status than the more rationalizable and collectivizable."

Stein on Pound: "he was a village explainer, excellent if you were a village, but if you were not, not"

Plant: "The simulacrum no longer engages in the sex act, but it can multiply its image."

A squishy tomato comes out of Betsy's navel. Betsy, the revolutionary.

Betsy: "and just words, and she said i feel as though i'm fucking your words" (from Beauty and the Gimp)

de Sade, Solanas and the measure of man; the synthesis in the garden of eden.

SK: "Christianly, 'witness' and 'danger' correspond"