Tuesday, July 20, 2010

an allegory on the value of replicative signifiers

mutas mutandis

compromised funnels of
diminish calamity

whisking - the imperial satrap reinvigorates his populace with a claim to lower all ornamentation. the people clamour in approval, bewailing elements of the traditional saying that no one generally can remember, reproduce or, even more tragically, enact. in this melee, the apocynthion, a particular type of object that spurred the initial debates of vitalism, was found cracked, with most of the fluid drained from its left pentacle.

notice that in the house, there was nothing remarkable, the eviscerating ritual that herodotus talks about in his second book of the histories, was completely absent. here, in the desert, the ostensible place where it had happened. here, where now animals were rampant, far from cassandra's prophecy of their extinction, now they proliferated and roamed the desertscape, a roaming whose endpoint was the demise of the native human population. notice along the trellis, that along the carvings which date to the bronze age stratum of hellenic weaponry, a line can be traced up the wall, a line that leads up to a hole in the ceiling centre, that leads out into the sky.

bewailing interrments: in case of not understanding his lordship's request for a more cohesive explanation of what was initially presented as an ancient civilization, the listener should take refuge beneath a rock, or simulate crow calls while running to the rear shelter. in the event that his lordship should capture and beat the subject, actions should be taken to ensure effective reception and audience preparation. the subject, it might be noted, has a few anomalous pecularities. notice, first, the shape of the right ear. notice the uncoiling palpation of a mesoderm which sloughs off its appearance as it was once recognizable, and delineates a form that is remarkably ornamental. this sign, or icon as it is traditionally known, is assembled through the action of various light beams, whose visual properties alter when combined exponentially. the beam of light, when viewed at its proper angle, presents a vision of so-called reality that is entirely incongruent with that of the apocynthion.

instead, the system presented as a balm or remedy to the hacked output, had to be reformulated into oxblood - into calamity and funnels whose mineral content splayed

the leafstalk praise (diminish clash

concavity, the synthetic travelogue of the nuclear