Saturday, April 7, 2007


 [[[sclerotomic.  the hardening of the lapboards.  the boards ease out, an effervescent blue.  the colour of stilts.]]]

a honeysuckle.  calibration reasserts the soothing video, where the ideal is presented in the accessions taught to overhang what responds.  the reproduction of arms in embrace.  the smell of the television and the downloadable video.  everything fits everything.

the nodes of love are undifferentiated.  a quote from oprah and nietzsche.  what represents the radical - the fingers on x20's defective hand lose warranty and freedom.  the culture care network.

the other world is dictated by the events at the present world.  the decision to internalize, to simplify, adjures the specific response to the reimbursed.  as soon as the vision becomes outdated the acclamation returns for reviews - the sequel and untidied.