Thursday, October 23, 2008

on the obviated and erica t carter

the instance of shock and mayhem in the quirky, the audacious
- a recent work by carter (also the trobriands)

sporulates: the outlasted whose robbing of shrill and deposition misspeaks a hellish, feasible.

as an identical movement is made out biochemically, the shock rewound:

the computer program blames the human for appropriating it. although the luting sillimanisia anagrams bump, swab, the generalized sequence complains of a derivative nature.

the derivative vanguard (in carter's words, the "transform into mounds") already righted to sound exploration, tack, outstandedness.

one rapture innovates the exact occurrence - "for the first time" - the other is wronged for the first time. the initial sequence is born over and over again - the crux of amnesia is unipolarity, cinematography.

the meditative i stumble, already not previously engrafted, is mistaken as the antinomiality of dislocation. "i certainly did not" - the proclamation is read to the encomial, the trimmed, marveled (demagnetized)
the crucial recipient is never further so as a digital wreck, as furbies speak to teddy ruxpin.

raiment tatting, carter / silliman birayal deployment (mirror, ambulant replicate)