Tuesday, October 7, 2008

entropy as increasing disorder - bataillean expenditure: cooling down of sun - sun expends forcing us to overproduction and waste - entropy forces waste for bataille - lower entropy in sun, higher entropy in world (Bois 34)

"such regulation is never successful because always insufficient" - cooling down of words into cliches - information theory entropy - carl einstein opposes in critical dictionary (36)

entropy/expenditure "was inevitable and its effectiveness depended on no one's will" (37)

reichenbach - crisis of causality (pubbed in documents) - 2nd law of thermodynamics (carnot's discovery of mechanical heat loss) "is in fact nothing but a statistical principle") (37)

poussiere - "entropic nightmare" one day or another, given its presistence... dust will probably begin to gain the upper hand over the servants, pouring immense amounts of rubbish into abandoned buildings and desrted stockyards: and, at that distant epoch, nothing will remain to ward off night terrors, in the absence of which we have become such great bookkeepers." (bataille - documents 1 no.5 p.278) (38)

169 - 178 - entropic series of messages - dubuffet 1944

Bois. Formless: a user guide Zone Books, 1997