Thursday, October 23, 2008

on the obviated and erica t carter

the instance of shock and mayhem in the quirky, the audacious
- a recent work by carter (also the trobriands)

sporulates: the outlasted whose robbing of shrill and deposition misspeaks a hellish, feasible.

as an identical movement is made out biochemically, the shock rewound:

the computer program blames the human for appropriating it. although the luting sillimanisia anagrams bump, swab, the generalized sequence complains of a derivative nature.

the derivative vanguard (in carter's words, the "transform into mounds") already righted to sound exploration, tack, outstandedness.

one rapture innovates the exact occurrence - "for the first time" - the other is wronged for the first time. the initial sequence is born over and over again - the crux of amnesia is unipolarity, cinematography.

the meditative i stumble, already not previously engrafted, is mistaken as the antinomiality of dislocation. "i certainly did not" - the proclamation is read to the encomial, the trimmed, marveled (demagnetized)
the crucial recipient is never further so as a digital wreck, as furbies speak to teddy ruxpin.

raiment tatting, carter / silliman birayal deployment (mirror, ambulant replicate)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

radiogenic mix

disputed gelding:  pliably  (although cruel or circulating or lyrebird)


the specialized and ineffective:  authority.  inhabits                the panel

and the art of backbone                newels lit dullness


it hasn't yet been met in the marshland, the recanted, pliable samothrace whose waffling epitomies and harshened pupils unflagging - disputed
    discussing, over murmur and bypass disputation crowd decommission


ultra-repetition superstarism - the nouveau monde of the criminal and anticipatory.  then, as bacon patrimonied, the synchronous behaviour of the ineffective classic is managerially - is inhabit illuminate.  
so as history of philosophy, gelded legs and glut lyrebird sanctuary


slipstream of house - the caballed backbone, pliably prayer on yawning thread shroud distemper.  the fellowing breathes, scan.  anticipate - annulary, snip, heart, bunt, snip, panel, inhabit, circulate.


then as soon as the catalytic uncouple

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

entropy as increasing disorder - bataillean expenditure: cooling down of sun - sun expends forcing us to overproduction and waste - entropy forces waste for bataille - lower entropy in sun, higher entropy in world (Bois 34)

"such regulation is never successful because always insufficient" - cooling down of words into cliches - information theory entropy - carl einstein opposes in critical dictionary (36)

entropy/expenditure "was inevitable and its effectiveness depended on no one's will" (37)

reichenbach - crisis of causality (pubbed in documents) - 2nd law of thermodynamics (carnot's discovery of mechanical heat loss) "is in fact nothing but a statistical principle") (37)

poussiere - "entropic nightmare" one day or another, given its presistence... dust will probably begin to gain the upper hand over the servants, pouring immense amounts of rubbish into abandoned buildings and desrted stockyards: and, at that distant epoch, nothing will remain to ward off night terrors, in the absence of which we have become such great bookkeepers." (bataille - documents 1 no.5 p.278) (38)

169 - 178 - entropic series of messages - dubuffet 1944

Bois. Formless: a user guide Zone Books, 1997