Monday, July 28, 2008

an interview (XI) with reverend jytte ansgar

xoxoxcom bot: These are, in short, discouragement?

jytte: eugeny. chignons.

xb: how does atrocious mean?

j: macros (licentious)

xb: irony?

j: not work, being

xb: is the surplus aspect of positive identity a follow-up to being in your blah blah blah?

j: superfluity follows invention;

xb: science?

j: saturation brims regardless of inspiration; commentary does not precede failure

xb: the underlying credence may well disconnect with actual creation?

j: on the contrary - the production is marred by its constituents - what makes calcifies correlation

xb: fumbling?

j: centrally none of which avoids inhabitation

xb: creation?

j: or whatever

xb: pågældende

j: Hoheitsgebiet

xb: tilfredsstille

j: zerbröckelte

xb: bloomstrain

j: laster

xb: sand-far-dict

j: biden