Thursday, April 24, 2008

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the translation of prosthetics and the entirety as relapse and beginning

the suasive - eternised through the bifurcation of pestles and reflection (unreflection)

symmetry:  the veil of knowledge
    the cunning and perspicuous

    to re-attack the question of the system - of giving
    of the art of sharing, good will, the friendly

    of the offer that is optional

        the village system reintroduced liveably into the shatterproof and coded

        the best friend whose body has become too particularly the location of the inevitable  

        (soderberg - and how the pauline gives lie to honesty in the direct of islamicism, applied action)

                the happiness of the security limb;  the spectre knot, pardonably, acceptably

                    no matter the action, the disembodied stretches and accesses

to outdo the human, there is the need for the total failure to be human
    the oblation network, the death ubiquity and continuance through the bared
        everywhere/nowhere the mewed skew of the hue calumniate
        appreciative taper polygony

    (the system perfected in mirrors - bio-etch in the javascript cursor-follower)