Tuesday, April 15, 2008

interrogation, blueprinting and the discoloured

the resplendence of tones, a lurid, implicit

aglow, this useless unclosed chasten

the direct mode of transfer is overruled by startle, serenade (in the example of the tears of ariadne, we have a remunerative concordance, a supplanted imaginary that entrusts the discoloured glow with the chastened, invocated)

the mimansa speaks, the acts of crayfish, of the vitriolic and bare - how untruthfulness bore profits and vespers (only then in the trameled parcels of land, the interchanged alignments and cavorting, did this pressure invoke the plentiful, the degraded;

distributed amongst the remonstrative, the inspired alignments, acidified disunity and a diffuse excuse, overborne pertinence - the impended